FCI Constructors

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FCI Constructors of Wyoming is looking forward to the construction of the new Wyo Sport Ranch in Casper, and we appreciate Wyo Sports Ranch choosing our team as your partner for this exciting undertaking. 

Though our firm was originally founded 45 years ago in Colorado, our business has expanded over the years, allowing many of our team members the opportunity to live and work in the great state of Wyoming. Since 2004, our firm has been fortunate to serve communities all over Wyoming, and due to our connection with our clients and those they serve in turn, we chose to open an office in Cheyenne in 2007. We have been a Wyoming Resident Contractor since 2008. 

In nearly twenty years, we have built relationships with Wyoming municipalities, businesses and organizations with whom we’ve worked, such as: Banner Health, University of Wyoming, Central Wyoming College, Laramie County, Carbon County, and the State of Wyoming. Our history of over eighty successful projects throughout Wyoming, and our continued growth proves that we aren’t transient contractors just following a market or a thriving economy. We have planted our roots in Wyoming and have stayed through thick and thin. 

Zachary, son of Ross Choate, the FCI Project Manager for the Wyo Sports Ranch. He is an accomplished basketball player in Wyoming and excited at the possibilities of Wyo Sports Ranch for his own skills and future.

Most importantly, our employee-owners live here. Their children are raised here, go to school here, and they appreciate and align with the values of the people of Wyoming. Like many of our FCI employees, Ross Choate, your FCI Project Manager, and his wife are bringing their children up in Wyoming. In fact, his youngest son, Zachary will directly benefit from the construction of the new WYO Sport Ranch, as he is an accomplished basketball player, often participating in many tournaments throughout the state. His family looks forward to a more centrally-located facility with a multitude of basketball courts under one roof. We believe this is true of many Wyoming families, too. 

One of our goals, across our company, is to provide benefit to the communities in which we work. This is demonstrated by our dedication to boosting the economy, engaging the community by supporting the local charitable efforts of our clients and providing opportunities for local workforce. For example, on our recently completed project for the State of Wyoming, in Casper, the Thyra Thomson Office Building, FCI Constructors and Stateline No.7 Architects collaborated with local steel fabricators and electricians to develop an original design for the chandelier in the main lobby of the building. This saved the State from spending an exorbitant amount of money on something non-original purchased from an out-of-state vendor, and kept funds in-state. In fact, nearly 60% of construction dollars were contracted through Casper subcontractors, totaling over $20,500,000. 

We believe in the future of Wyoming, its controlled growth, hard-working residents, and family values. Our company is here for the long-haul, and we intend to strengthen our relationships and continue to prosper along with the people of Wyoming. 

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