Our Sub-Contractors

it takes a village

FCI Constructors has worked tirelessly to hire the best of the best for the Wyo Sports Ranch. Take a look at the wonderful sub-contractors working to get the job done right and  help us Bring Youth Sports our West!

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions, Inc (AGS) is working as our geotechnical engineer and construction material testing company. Since its opening in 2016, Advanced Geotechnical Solutions has provided their services on projects all over the state of Wyoming and region. They are a full-service geotechnical engineering, environmental services, and construction materials testing company that uses state-of-the-art exploration, engineering, and environmental analyses’ to better understand soil, rock, and environmental conditions. By conducting this research in the early phases of construction they can gather more and higher quality information.

Why are you excited to be part of this project?
“The Wyo Sports Ranch will be a large facility for the community and the region and a game changer for all things sports related. The wintertime sports opportunities that the building will facilitate are second to none!” They continued to explain how members of their own personnel have young children that are excited to hopefully one day use the facility. We are so intrigued and thrilled to see what the Wyo Sports Ranch will do for Casper and so is Advanced Geotechnical Solutions. AGS shared “we hope the facility brings more people to Casper and allows them to experience our welcoming community and scenic Wyoming countryside” They additionally added “We are excited to see the culmination of this teams hard work and vison for recreation in Casper and the greater Wyoming area.”

What does this project mean to your company & employees?
“Advanced geotechnical solutions has been a part of this project since its inception approximately four years ago. It’s a chance to utilize our expertise on an impactful community project. Having such a state-of-the-art complex just a few minutes away from our corporate office may even help us recruit and retain personnel.”

Advanced geotechnical solutions shared a fun fact with us about their discoveries up at the WSR site!
“Even though our site lies atop a hill overlooking Casper and the current North Platte River Valley, the geology of the site is Characterized by ancient North Platte River deposits and much younger windblown sand deposits, all overlying 100-million-year-old marine shale bedrock found throughout many locations in Casper.”

WLC Engineering & Surveying

WLC Engineering and Surveying is our projects site survey and civil engineering firm. WLC is a local Casper, WY company that has been providing engineering and surveying services to the region since 1948. The WSR construction team can confirm that they live up to their mission statement “Dedicated to Clients. Defined by Excellence.” WLC has been a key player in getting this project off the ground and have proven time and time again their dedication to the project. We are ever grateful to have WLC on our team!

Why are you excited to be part of this project?
“WLC is excited to be a part of this project to bring what will be the largest indoor sports facility in the region to our City. This is such a unique development that will not only serve the youth in our community, but also bring in thousands of visitors and participants from all over the intermountain-west.”

What does this project mean to your company & employees?
“Working on this project team represents an opportunity for us to be a part of a unique project unlike any other within the state of Wyoming. Being able to see the culmination of everyone’s effort when this project is completed will be something WLC will be very proud of for years to come. As several employees in our office have been involved in youth sports, we know how difficult it can be to get court time in Casper. This amazing new facility will make youth sports more available for kids and easier on parents with so many options in one location. The Wyo Sports Ranch will allow our kids to not only succeed within the State of Wyoming but make a splash regionally."

What do you hope this facility will do for the City of Casper and State of Wyoming?
“On a local level, we would like to see this facility drive further development and growth in and around itself to make Casper the state’s sports destination. We hope the new development attracts new hotels, restaurants, drink establishments, and other service or entertainment related establishments. This facility will create a buzz factor for the entire state as Casper becomes a travel destination for families and youth sports teams to take part in the tournaments regularly. This development will increase tourism to the City with families hopefully making the tournaments part of a larger vacation in and around the state."

Andreen Hunt Const., Inc.

Andreen Hunt Const., Inc. has been contracted to perform the earthwork and site utility infrastructure for the WSR facility. Andreen Hunt has a mission to "Build a Better World" and what a great partner to have as we are trying to Build a Better Wyoming! When asked about their mission, Burt Andreen noted, “ One of our founders, Bill Hunt, originated that saying back in 1998 when Andreen Hunt was in its infant stages. We believe that our number one focus should always be quality. Over the past 25 years we have focused our business on putting in our quality work for new development and helping Casper expand both residentially and commercially. "Building a Better World" means that everything we work on is a quality project moving our community forward.” whether its new streets, or water and sewer infrastructure. Our goal is to help our clients better serve theirs through improved facilities." In regard to their scope as the Earthwork Contractor, Andreen Hunt said that “Being the site contractor, we are typically the first ones on the project, consequently everything that happens from there on is built on the dirt and utility work that we do. It's a very important part of the process and that's why we are very thorough with our compaction and testing. It all starts at the ground!” We couldn’t agree more and greatly appreciate their work!

Why are you excited to be part of this project?
“Andreen Hunt was excited for the opportunity to work on the WYO Sports Ranch because of what it will do for our community. Our company is celebrating serving Casper for that past 25 years and this project is an excellent opportunity to continue doing what we love in the place we love to do it.

What does this project mean to your company & employees?
Our owner's have made their living and raised their families in Casper. A large part of that family time was spent at sports competitions. As we traveled, we saw some great facilities, and this one means that generations to come will have a state-of-the-art space right in our backyard. This is a landmark project for our community and also for us as a company. We are privileged to be included.”

What do you hope this facility will do for the City of Casper and State of Wyoming?
“We are excited for Casper to be a destination. We have a lot of draws but none like the WSR, we are excited for people from around the region to experience what we have to offer. We also believe that this is the tip of the iceberg for development in that area, and nothing gives us more pleasure than taking a fresh site and helping turn it into something great. The WSR and the future development in the area will afford us many opportunities for that down the road. Our leadership has been raised in Wyoming and goes back three or four generations here. We recreate, in Wyoming, earn our livings in Wyoming, and serve central Wyoming with our business. Take us out of here and we don't know what to do with ourselves. We are lucky to live in the most wonderful place on earth.”

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