10 basketball Courts

  • 6 permanent courts
  • 4 additional temporary courts
  • 20 Volleyball Courts

  • 12 permanent courts
  • 8 additional temporary courts
  • Permanent Indoor Multi-Use Turf

    Welcome to The

    Wyo Sports Ranch

    Welcome to the WYO Sports Ranch!  A 131,000 square foot state of the art facility located in Casper, Wyoming. The scope… simple… Youth Sports Out West. 

    As a Division I basketball coach for over 30 years, I spent several weeks throughout a year traveling from coast-to-coast to recruit student-athletes participating in basketball tournaments.  These tournaments ranged from hundreds of participants with thousands of family members cheering them on to events with thousands of participants with tens of thousands of family members. The opportunity for America’s youth to showcase their talent, improve their skills or bond with teammates was ever-present and an exciting feeling. I am thrilled that finally WYO Sports Ranch will provide a much-needed facility to provide these types of opportunities and exuberant emotions to student-athletes in the Rocky Mountain Region.

    Author James P. Owen writes about the principal, Ride for the Brand, in his book, Cowboy Ethics:  What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West.  He says a man’s brand is his own special mark and when you ride for his brand you protect it like it your own. Well, at WYO Sports Ranch, we are Riding for the Brand.  Our team is focused, energetic and, most importantly, committed to creating an environment that benefits the future of our youth. Joining the team at WYO Sports Ranch was an easy decision; now I ask you to come along with us as we truly Ride for the Brand.

    Joe Legerski

    Former Head Coach
    Women’s Basketball
    University of Wyoming

    Our Mission

    To provide Wyoming and the surrounding community a unique, state-of-the-art facility for competition, training, and special events, while emphasizing the importance of physical and mental health and promoting an active lifestyle for our youth.


    WYO Sports Ranch is a multi-sport training, recreation, events, and entertainment facility that will serve as a hub for a variety of sports as well as many other recreation and community pursuits. The facility will provide an atmosphere of community for sports clubs, event organizers, and participants. The facility will focus on four principle offerings:

    • Youth sports training programs, clinics, and camps
    • Sports performance and fitness training
    • Youth leagues, tournaments, and events
    • Facility rental for family-friendly, social gathering events

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