Wyo Sports Ranch to Bring Opportunity for More Youth Sports to Central Wyoming

WYO Sports Ranch began as a simple vision wanting to change the athletic atmosphere and opportunities for youth in our local community. Today, that vision has grown to become a one-of-a-kind reality for Central Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain Region.

“At the beginning, we were wanting to solve a local problem, the shortage of gym space in our community for our young athletes. In the end, we will solve that problem and many more with the space we are looking to build.”, says JR Boyles, WYO Sports Complex Board Member.

The non-profit facility fulfills a greater need for the state of Wyoming by providing a facility of this size and stature to accommodate the growing demand of youth sports within the region.

The WYO Sports Ranch will transform youth athletics by creating a multi-functional space for competition, training, and events that promotes a healthy lifestyle for our youth, year-round. The approximate 133,000sqft facility will include:

  • 10 Basketball Courts
    • 6 permanent basketball courts
    • 4 additional temporary courts
  • 20 Volleyball Courts
    • 12 permanent volleyball courts
    • 8 additional temporary courts
  • Permanent Indoor Multi-Use Turf
    • 36,000 square feet
  • Sports Performance & Training
  • Opportunities for:
    • Mat Sports
    • Dance/Cheer
    • Baseball/Softball
    • And More!

Whether the athletes go “all the way” to play college and professional athletics or simply learn to live more active lifestyles as adults, WYO Sports Ranch and the sports played within its walls will be key in fostering the future of our youth.

The benefits of this project reach far and wide from the mental and physical health of our youth to the community and economic impact it will have in Central Wyoming.

Joe Legerski, retired coach of the University of Wyoming Cowgirls Basketball program joins the WYO Sports Complex board of directors and sees WYO Sports Ranch as a wonderful opportunity.

“As a Division I basketball coach for over 30 years, I spent several weeks throughout a year traveling from coast-to-coast to recruit student-athletes participating in basketball tournaments. These tournaments ranged from hundreds of participants with thousands of family members cheering them on to events with thousands of participants with tens of thousands of family members. The opportunity for America’s youth to showcase their talent, improve their skills or bond with teammates was ever-present and an exciting feeling. I am thrilled that WYO Sports Ranch will provide a much-needed facility to provide these types of opportunities and exuberant emotions to student-athletes in the Rocky Mountain Region.”

WYO Sports Ranch has a projected opening date of Summer 2024.

JR Boyles added, “A big thanks to the City of Casper for giving a home to WYO Sports Ranch. We are excited about this facility and the opportunities it will bring to our community, the state, and the region overall. We would love to hear from the community and encourage all interested to join us as we make the WYO Sports Ranch a reality for the State of Wyoming”

Contact: Jessica Hastings, (307) 234-0583, info@wyosportsranch.com